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Collision Repair and Hail Damage Removal Experts in Troy, Illinois

Can’t stand those embarrassing door dings? Can’t wait to get that hail damage fixed? A & B is your local source for auto bodywork and collision repair in Troy, IL and surrounding areas. From significant collision to minor fenders benders, know you’re getting quality repairs from trained professionals that use state-of-the-art equipment. Additionally, we understand the frustration when things that are out of your control damage your vehicle. But, we’re here to make things like new so you can get on with your life!

Scratch Removal in Troy IL Area

Your Collision Repair Specialists

Whether you’ve been in a wreck or you’ve been bumped from behind in traffic, the specialists at A & B can repair the damage to make your vehicle like new again. We use a proven process to ensure we understand the extent of the damage to your car and how best to fix it. At A & B, our auto body collision repair process includes the following steps:

  • Visual Inspection and Initial Estimate – First, we take the time to evaluate the damage to your vehicle and pinpoint the best processes for repairing it. Then, we work with the insurance company to give a fair estimate.
  • Remove Damaged Parts – Next, we take the time to remove the damaged parts completely. Only then can we properly repair your vehicle.
  • Body & Structural Damage Repair – After removing the part, we put our skilled technicians to work repairing the damage with state-of-the-art technology and the latest methods.
  • Refinishing – After repairs are finished, we refinish the product with custom color matching that perfectly mimics the color and shine of your vehicle.
  • Factory Finish – Finally, we provide a deep buffing process to ensure the factory shine is restored to your vehicle.

Efficient Hail Damage Repair for the Metro-East

With the unpredictability of Midwestern weather, your car could be pristine one moment and be being pelted with hail the next. Summer storms have a tendency to come out of nowhere, which means your car may be exposed to these harmful elements, leaving dimples all over your vehicle, including the hood, roof, and trunk – they even have the potential to damage your windshield.
At A & B, we provide fast and expert hail damage repair for these exact situations. You don’t have to drive around with dents and dings all over your vehicle – contact our specialists. We work with your insurance company to ensure the quality repairs you need at a price that’s within your insurance company’s estimate!
Hail Damage Removal in Troy IL
Paintless Dent Repair in Troy IL

Paintless Dent Repair

Whether caused by the latest storm or by careless people in a parking lot, dents and scratches are never a welcome sight when it comes to your vehicle. Luckily for you, we provide paintless dent removal that doesn’t involve any sanding or painting – it merely pushes the metal back into its original form.

Paintless dent removal is available for minor dents such as those sustained in a parking lot or because of hail damage. Additionally, dents that don’t involve cracked or chipped paint or that don’t appear at the edge of a panel can also be fixed.

No, not all dents can be fixed. Some collisions and fender benders leave marks that damage paint or appear at the edge of a panel, meaning you’ll need more intensive repairs.

We Handle Insurance Claims

What happens when I get in a collision?

It’s never fun to realize that your vehicle has body damage. Whether you’ve been hit in a parking lot or traffic, the next step is to file an insurance claim to ensure you get the problem taken care of. There are multiple reasons to file a claim. First, your policy should allow for some assistance when it comes to paying for repairs. Most have to pay a deductible, but the insurance company takes care of things after that.

Do I have to take my vehicle to my insurer’s preferred shop?

Furthermore, you’re not required to take your vehicle to any specific body shop. By law, you’re allowed to choose your own shop, so make sure it’s a reputable shop that you trust.

Additionally, a reputable collision repair shop should be willing to work with any insurance company and vice versa. The insurers’ preferred body shop often meets company requirements and offers a lifetime warranty, so they aren’t paying for the same repairs twice.

So I can take my car anywhere?

Yes, take your car to the shop that you feel most comfortable with. A reputable body shop will:

  • Work with any insurance company
  • Understand the claims process
  • Restore your vehicle to like-new condition
  • Provide a warranty on workmanship, parts, and repairs
  • Have experienced technicians
  • Handle the claim in a timely manner

Automotive Painting

Regardless of your auto body damage, the problem isn’t finished until your vehicle receives a factory-finished paint job from the pros at A & B. We use expert color-matching technology using the exact paint code. Then, we’ll seamlessly match the colors for an undetectable finish.

Factory-Finished Paint Job in Tory IL
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